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´╗┐Status quo for Botwood taxpayers

The approximately 3,000 residents of Botwood should be pleased to hear that there are no new taxes or fees in 2014, and current levels for taxes and fees will remain the same.

The Botwood town council is happy with the 2014 budget, which was announced early this week.

"(There will be) no tax increases and there was a small increase in expenditures "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" but we were able to contain it without expanding that out into any increases so we're pleased with that," Mayor Jerry Dean told The Advertiser. "Nobody wants to bring tax increases to their residents if they can avoid it so we've done it at least this time.

"You have to remember fuel costand wages and all the rest of that great stuff that goes along with operating a town, none of that stuff goes backwards; it always rises, so sometimes it's a challenge."

For 2014, the residential property tax mill rate will remain unchanged at 7.0 mills, which is a low mill rate compared to other "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" towns.

"Grand Falls Windsor is 8.5, Bishop's Falls is 9.5, Springdale 7.5, Gander 8.5, 7.5 for Stephenville, Carbonear 7.6, Deer Lake 7.5, Bonavista 7.5 and Lewisporte is 8," Dean said. "So we're at the bottom I would suggest not only with the towns that I just named, but with most municipalities throughout "Oxandrolone Powder India" the province with . . . our mill rate."

Council did discuss the possibility of dropping the poll tax, which is currently at $250 annually.

However, that tax brings in considerable revenue for the town, said the Mayor, "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" and they would not be able to do without that revenue right now.

"We did have a look at poll tax but that's not on for this year," Dean said. "That's not to say that Testoviron 250 O Sustanon 250 we won't take it under review for next year. Hopefully in the years to come we'll be Turinabol Ciccone in a better fiscal position."

Total expenditures for 2014 are budgeted at $2.74 million, which represents a slight increase of approximately 1.8 per cent over 2013 budgeted expenditures.

"When you have outmigration and a shrinking populationand an aging population with a lot of people on fixed incomes, it's a challenge but at the same time we're servicing an infrastructure that was in place during our heyday and still finds itself sitting there and it's there to address the needs and services of the town of 5,000 6,000, not 3,000," said Dean.

As for projects, the mayor said they 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone will be doing a little bit of paving.

They did a lot of paving last year but they have a couple small projects on the go for 2014.

They are also looking forward to an announcement from the provincial government on the expressions of interest for the fibre resource in central area, Dean said.

"We're of the understanding that hopefully something is going to be coming down the pipes sooner rather than later on that issue," he said. "And we're still pursuing the issue with the federal divestiture of our port assets. Hopefully some of this stuff is going to start to raise its head in a positive way."

He added council wishes everyone a healthy, happy, safe and prosperous 2014.

"Hopefully Testosterone Enanthate Onset Of Action everybody will have a healthy 2014 and council will continue to do what we can to curtail costs and . . . serve the needs of the many as opposed to the wants of a few."